This last night I was having some trouble getting the sleep and I had nothing else productive to do as well. My wife and my kids were also out of town to their grandparents so I was alone struggling to get the proper sleep. Then I came to remember that I had this new neighbor who once invited me to play the online casino games once and I haven’t paid the visit yet.

So, I went in the lobby and had a look towards his window and I was really glad seeing the lights open. It certainly means that he is still awake, so I went there and knocked on his door and there he came by the door with his iPad playing some game on it. He was delighted to see me there and invited me in instantly.

As soon as I entered in the room, he offered me some drinks and offered me to play with him as well. He was playing this slot machine called Hall of Gods that is based on the Norse mythology and is three-stage progressive jackpot that can be enjoyed on most of the top online casinos.

Later he game me his device to take the trail of the pokie and he said that I don’t have to worry about winning the slot as we were not playing the real money version and there was nothing on stake to loose. There he told that if I played well the he will let me play the real money version as well. And it turned out that I played pretty well and made some money with the real money as well. And that’s how I killed the time that night but certainly would love to try the slot again on my own.